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fulfillment center, fulfillment warehouse Slovakia-Hungary

Fulfillment center Europe

Fulfillment center Europe: Storage, Assembling, Packing, Dispatch.

Fullpost fulfillment center map

The Fullpost warehouse is located near Budapest. Close to the Hungarian-Slovak border. (Fulfillment center phone number and map here)

Fulfillment center Europe for online stores

Up to 1-day delivery to Hungary and Slovakia with Fullpost

Parcel delivery to other EU countries as well

Fullpost fulfillment consultation

Where is the Fullpost fulfillment center located?

Our fulfillment warehouse is near Esztergom, close to the Slovak-Hungarian border.

Hungary, Slovakia and Europe from 1 fulfillment center

With our fulfillment service, you solve the logistics of your ecommerce store to all European countries from one place.

Slovakia and Hungary fulfillment from 1 warehouse

Fulfillment solutions - we take the trouble off your shoulders, we solve it for you:

1 - We store your goods

2 - We automatically accept your ecommerce store's orders

3 - We prepare and pack the ordered goods

4 - We prepare and send the invoice to the customer by e-mail

5 - We hand over the package to the courier service

6 - Returns management

Fullpost fulfillment consultation

Free integration with Fullpost's system

The connection of your store and the information system of Fullpost is carried out by our specialists.

We review the exact conditions of the integration item by item during our free fulfillment consultationApply for the free fulfillment consultation: Free fulfillment consultation

Free online store integration

Supported e-commerce platforms: Opencart, Shopify, Shoprenter, Unas, Woocommerce, individually developed e-commerce engines.

Fulfillment consultation with personalized cost calculation free of charge

At the meeting, we will also honestly tell you if it is not worth it for you to outsource the logistics of your ecommerce store.

Fullpost fulfillment consultation

Fullpost fulfillment center benefits

Supported e-commerce platforms

E-commerce platforms that can be immediately connected to our fulfillment service:

It is also possible to connect other e-commerce engines.

Fulfillment warehouse video

- Hungary, Slovakia next day delivery
- HU, SK, EU served from 1 warehouse

Contact information here : Fulfillment center phone number and e-mail

Find us near Budapest. Close to the hungarian-Slovak border! (Štúrovo, Slovakia)

Fullpost fulfillment consultation

This is what our customers say about our company group:

"Thank you for all this work and for your helpfulness! I like working with people like that."

"...this is a very great innovation, thank you very much for the development! From now on, the process will be even easier. Working with you is an experience."

"We are extremely satisfied with your service, hats off to you."

"Dear Fullpost team! Your commitment to excellence has helped our business to grow, and for that our entire team will be forever grateful."

"It was a pleasant surprise, very professional administration."

"There were no problems, everything went perfectly."

"Everything happened smoothly, his colleagues helped me in everything, they did their job professionally."

“You do this at a high level.”

"Everything happened in accordance with my expectations, I did not find any fault in it. They work on a flexible and good concept."

"What I got was just right."

Fulfillment center Europe,